I suffer from not waking up , what is the solution?

I suffer from not waking up , what is the solution? Sometimes the assembly brings me together , or the conversation sometimes brings me together with someone who suffers and says : I am very heavy sleep , and no one can wake me up even for prayer !! Is there a cure for these ??? First of all, I say that we are living countless many blessings, and this sleep is nothing but a very simple example, then I say that someone who suffers from difficulty getting up from his sleep, or suffers from a sleep disorder in him, I do not find for him a better treatment than the five prayers, a beneficial and healing treatment, God willing, God, glory be to Him, when he said : [ The prayer was on the believers on time ] He has set a secret for prayer in terms of time, so whoever adheres to the prayers on time, he will not sleep, so that he has a satisfactory phenomenon, and it is known that he who suffers from staying up late at night, for example He is one who takes his right to sleep during the day, and he who sleeps early at night is one who wakes up at the beginning of the day, and this is often, otherwise there may be someone who sleeps early and finds it difficult to wake up at dawn, but the treatment is for these if they know; He is keen to perform each prayer at its time, and if each one of these applies this system, I am certain that the problems of staying up late, or lack of sleep, or difficulty sleeping, and turning on the bed will end a lot, and you only have to try and then judge, and beware of being Whoever wakes up for his work, for example, and his work with all difficulty and great difficulty, but he is defeated in the same battle with sleep at the time of the dawn prayer, this is our permanent battle, and I remember by the way that my son told me I hate studying because it makes us wake up very early !! So I said to him, son : if you did not wake up to study, you would wake up for Fajr prayer, because the problem will remain with you while sleeping, and there is no solution for it except that you are satisfied with sleeping at the beginning of the night .