Khimar is in a dream the woman’s husband . It is for a woman to cover her and adorn her . If a woman sees that she has a rainy robe on her head, or she has a rainy garment on her, then her enemies want to fly her away with vanity and vanity on the part of the husband . If the khimar is black and worn out, then her husband is poor and foolish . The accident with the khimar is the misfortune of the woman in her husband, and if she does not have a husband then it is harmful to her money or calamity in the values ​​of her brother or uncle . If a man sees that he is wearing a mask, then he befalls a servant nation . If a woman sees that she has put her veil off her head in a gathering of people, she will be plagued by something that takes away modesty . If she sees that her veil is gone, her husband leaves her, and if he returns to her, her husband will return . Khimar is the human religion .