the hook

A swallow in a dream is money, and a blessed man, or a blessed woman, or a boy who reads . Whoever takes a hook takes unlawful money . And whoever sees that his house is full of it, money is permissible . And it was said : He is a believing, polite, devout and sociable man . And whoever sees that he has taken it, he will oppress a woman . And whoever sees it as if he eats hook meat, he will fall into a quarrel . And if he saw the hooks emerging from his home, his relatives separated from him . And the hook and the summer starter indicate singing people . The hook in the vision indicates death and much sadness, and it is also a good sign of deeds, movement and singing, and it indicates especially good in weddings because it indicates that the person who dreams marries a housekeeper . And whoever saw that it became a hook, thieves entered it, and the hook indicates safety and comfort . And whoever sees that he has hit a hook, he will be safe from loneliness, and he will rest to whomever he can rest on . The death of the hook is a warning to do good .