The horse

The names of horses are the horses, one of which is the horse, the mare, the horse and the foal, and among them are the kaddish, the berth, and the stone . Whoever sees a horse with him in a dream indicates the breadth of his livelihood, and his victory over his enemies . If he saw that he was riding on a horse, and he was suitable for riding a horse, he received honor and money, and perhaps he befriended a man as a horse, and perhaps he traveled and that travel is derived from the Persians . If a horse was shielded from its enemy, and if it was a dowry, a beautiful boy was given, and if he was a barzone he lived neither rich nor poor, and if he was a stone he married, if he was a single wife with money and offspring, and the original is honorable to the non-purebred . Perhaps the Persians indicated the abode of construction . And the meteors are glorified and triumph over the enemies because they are among the horses of the angels, and the most important are worries, and the blond, veiled is knowledge, piety and religion, and whoever rides a dead person may drink wine because it is one of their names . And whoever rides a boat to someone else who has reached his status or the work of his year, especially if he is a well-known boat and is suitable for his rider . And the stone is his wife. Or, apply to the size of the second compound . And if he passed away when he was coming down, he was alienating her, walking, or wilting in the event that he came down on the ground with blood, then he is engaged in adultery with her . The stone denotes the knot of money and yields, and the demolished stone is a religious woman who is rich in reputation and remembrance . And the meeting woman is famous for beauty and money . And the blonde with joy and activity . And the meteor has a debt, and whoever sees that he rode it without a saddle or a bridle, he marries a woman without infallibility, and the bald eagles of the paradise and the mare of authority . The blond is a war, and whoever sees a saddled horse without riders, they are women who gather for a funeral or a wedding . A Persian in a dream is a man or a child of a knight, a merchant, or a worker who has a knight in his work and trade . And the mare is a partner, so whoever sees that he has a horse who died in his home is the man’s destruction . If he sees that he is a rider on a mare that lures a mujahid, and walks on him slowly in clothes suitable for riding, then he strikes honor, power, authority and chivalry among people, and the enemies do not reach him badly, and if he is a merchant, then he is a trustworthy and he is in a comfortable life . If he is Adham, then he is the greatest of fate and honor, because he is money, authority and stewardship . If it is dead, then it is more in entertainment and rapture, and more in fighting and bloodshed . And whoever sees that he has sold his horse, then he will leave his job by his own choosing . And whoever sees that he slaughters his horse and does not want to eat his meat, then he spoils his livelihood from authority . And whoever sees that an unknown mare enters a land or a house that does not know his owner, then an honest man enters that place, who has danger in people as much as the danger of the mare . And whoever sees that the unknown mare is leaving his position, he is leaving an old man with death or travel . And whoever sees that cavalry run around in the round, and also enter a land or a camp, it will be rain and torrential rains that hit that place . And whoever sees that he is a companion to a well-known man, then he will reach that man to what is required of a religious or worldly matter, or that man will have a follower, partner, or successor after him . If he is an unknown man, then he is an enemy after all . And whoever sees that a horse has trampled or walked on it, then he is isolated from his authority or his work, or he gets something wrong and humiliated, and people bite him with their tongues . And whoever rides a wheelbarrow, or owned it, or bought it, and was a single woman, married an honorable, blessed woman, if she had a dowry, then a son would be hit from her . If the man is married, or someone who is not waiting to marry, then he strikes a village or an estate, which will benefit him in his livelihood . And whoever sees that his wheel is dead, stolen or lost, then that event is with his wife . And whoever sees that his blessing is a result, he will generate his livelihood and increase his money . And whoever sees that he is drinking the milk of the raccoon, the Sultan will bring it closer to himself and obtain good from him . And whoever sees his horse’s hair a lot, his wealth and his children will increase, and if he is a ruler, his army will increase . A eunuch denotes a servant . And the bear without a shackle is an adulterous woman, because she walked however she wanted . And the postal horse is close to those who rode it in a dream . Weakness of the mare may indicate weakness of prestige .