If you dream that you admire tall women’s legs, you will lose your common sense, and you will behave in an absurd way with a charming woman . If you see deformed legs, then this indicates professions with no gain from them and companions of poor character . A wounded leg is a sign of painful malaria attacks and losses . If you dream that you have a wooden leg, this indicates that you will falsely demean yourself for your friends . If a sore appears on your legs, this symbolizes a burden on your income by helping others . If you dream that you have three legs or more, this indicates that your imagination will draw up many projects, one of which will never benefit you . If you are unable to use your legs this portends poverty . If you amputate a leg, you will lose valuable friends and the effects of the house will make your life unbearable . If a girl likes her legs, this indicates insignificance, and the man who impresses her will turn her away . If in a dream she has two legs that are full of hair, then she will dominate her husband . If your legs are clean and well-formed, this indicates a happy future and loyal friends .