Does the vision express in one form , or does it differ according to time, place and bodies?

Does the vision express in one form , or does it differ according to time, place and bodies? Which should be understood by the crossing and be well aware ; The symbols may differ according to time and place , so the crossing may cross a vision at a specific time or place with an expression , and the same vision may be expressed in a different expression , due to the difference in time or place , and this , by the way, happens a lot , and some of the few in the goods may admire it in science . The person of the vision also has a role in the difference of expression ; Well or ill according to validity of the fairness and so on matters related to Balraia , and perhaps making mention here the support of what I said , the story of the parasite when he went with the Muslim army in fighting the apostates in the dove , and it was his son Amr ibn parasite , said the parasite may Allah be pleased with him : he said : went out To the one who sent Musaylimah with my son Amr, even if I saw a vision some way, I saw as if my head was shaved, and a bird came out from my mouth, as if a woman had put me in her vagina, as if my son was asking me urgently, so he moved between me and him, so I talked to her, so they said : Good, so I said : As I have attached, and shaved my head by piece, and the bird Forouhi, women land buried where, it was horrified to kill a martyr, and the request of my son on me, what I see only Saadhir in the certificate request, and do not see him attached to the traveling this, he said : killing the parasite On the Day of Yamama, and his son was wounded, then on the Day of Yarmouk he was killed as a martyr during the reign of Omar bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him . Ibn al-Qayyim said in “ Zad al- Ma’ad ” after the story ( 3/627 ): As for the expression to shave the head with a position , this is because shaving the head is placing his hair on the ground and it does not merely indicate the position of his head, as it indicates the salvation of worry, illness, or distress for those who are befitting With that, and on the poverty, distress and demise of leadership, he confronted those who did not fit him, but in the dream of the parasite there are clues that necessitated that he lay his head, including : that he was in jihad and fighting the enemy with a thorn and bravery . Including : that he entered the woman ‘s belly , which he saw a land that is is like his mother, and saw that he had entered into a position that came out of it, and this is returned to the earth, as he says : { of which we created and in which Naidkm including Nkrjkm } Taha : 155 , the first woman With the ground as both are the place of intercourse, and the first entry into its vagina is by returning to it as it was created from it, and the first bird that came out of it with its spirit, it is like the bird trapped in the body, and if it came out of it it was like the bird that left its confinement and went wherever it wanted. That is why the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, told “ that the soul of the believer is a bird that hangs in the trees of Paradise. ” Posted by Ahmad, Al-Nasa’i and Malik . And the meaning of comments : that is, he eats and takes care of . So meditate on this words of Ibn al-Qayyim and learn to express and measure each vision according to its owner and the time in which it was seen, and hope that the Companions studied each other in the science of the expression of visions, to learn that this is a science that can be learned and taught even if those who disagree with this opinion disagree with us, and God knows best .