Washing is in a dream denotes repentance from sins, and fulfillment of an obligation of honoring parents or friends . If he washes with cold water in the winter, it indicates worries, ailments, and diseases, and if he washes with hot water in the winter time, it indicates profits, benefits, and cure diseases . And whoever has bathed for Eid and was celibate, will he marry . And if he bathed for the two eclipses, he may do a great thing or become distressed . If the one who was bathed in a dream was an infidel, he became Muslim, and if he was insane, he is cured . And if he bathed in a dream in order to enter ihraam or to enter Makkah, then it indicates joy and pleasure, meeting with absentees and paying off the debt, as well as if he bathed in a dream for throwing and circumambulation . And perhaps the ritual washing indicates victory over the enemies . And washing for circumambulation seeking to seek sustenance or serve the elders . And whoever saw that he was bathed and put on new clothes, and if he was sick, God Almighty would heal him, and if he was in debt, God would spend his debt . If he was a prisoner, he escaped from his prison . And if he was concerned, may God grant him his concern . And if he was performing the Hajj, the provision of Hajj, and if he was poor, God Almighty enriched him, and if he was isolated, God Almighty renewed his mandate for the Almighty saying : ( This is a cold washed drink ) , then Job, peace be upon him, when he washes and wore new clothes, God Almighty restored him, his family and children, and everything that went About . And if he wears worn clothes, his worry will be gone and he will be poor . And whoever sees that he goes to wash in a basin or a celibate and is celibate, he will marry . And whoever saw that he had bathed in hot water, they got it . And drinking hot water does not praise God Almighty saying : (And drink warm water, cut their intestines ). And it was said : Ghusl is marriage . And if the unknown woman does a bath, he is a rain shower from heaven . Washing hands with soap will eliminate the debt and the removal of distress . And washing the garment indicates Saladin . And whoever saw that he washed a yellow garment and cleaned it of yellowishness, he will be saved from the disease . And it was said : Washing clothes indicates the fulfillment of the debt . And washing the dead in a dream indicates the fulfillment of his debt . And whoever sees that a dead person is asking for a person to wash his clothes, this is his lack of the supplication of the one who saw him, or of charity, payment of a debt, or the implementation of a will .