Crocodile, his vision in a dream indicates a policeman, so that neither an enemy nor a friend can secure him, and he is a traitorous thief . It also indicates the unjust traitor . Whoever sees that the crocodile drags it into the water and kills it in it, then it falls into the hands of a policeman who takes his money and kills it . Seeing a crocodile in a dream indicates immorality, forbidden, forbidden gain, fear and distress from standing wind or from bandits . Perhaps his vision indicated the metamorphosis of life due to drowning . And whoever sees that the crocodile drags him into the water, a sultan or a man takes something from his house while he is a hater . If he saw that he dragged the crocodile to land, he would gain an enemy or resolve and take his money from it . And whoever sees that he has struck from the flesh of the crocodile or from its skin or from its fat or something, then he will be hit from the money of his enemy to the extent of that .