Gallows Seeing the gallows in a dream denotes great grief over your failure to keep someone you love . If you get on a gallows platform, there will be misunderstanding between you and your friends who blame you for some behavior that you did not do . If you get off a gallows platform, you will be charged with a mistake and will be punished for that . If you dreamed of seeing a friend on the execution platform, this predicts frustrating emergency events that must be resolved or a great calamity that will befall you . If you dream that you are under the gallows, then this means that you will suffer from the deception of false friends . If a girl dreams that she sees her lover being executed by this means, this means that she will marry a cunning and sly man . If you save someone from the gallows, this predicts desirable pleasures . If you dream that you are hanging an enemy, then this means victory in all areas .