A barbecue in a dream is a good tidings of living, and if it is immature then it is them . The fat roasted lamb is a lot of money, and if it is lean, then it is little money and the livelihood is tired . And whoever eats a lamb roast, he eats from his child’s earnings . The cow roasting is safe for the feared person, and if he has a bearer, he will receive a male son . And the roast calf is fertile and lively . And a Capricorn grill indicates a male boy who ate it . And everything that is exposed to fire in wakefulness, in a dream, he has sinned . A roasted camel is a male boy, and he is safe from fear, or he is a polite boy . And whoever saw that the arm of a roasted camel spoke to him, he would be saved from perdition . And grilled or cooked bird meat provides money without treachery or treachery . The grilled side is expressed by the woman because Eve was created from the side of Adam, peace be upon them both . A mature roasted arm is the livelihood of a woman who deceives her, and if it is immature then it is backbiting . And whoever buys a piece of barbecue, he rents an employee . And it was said : barbecuing is sadness or money is forbidden . And whoever saw that he roasted a sick ram, or the Sultan tortured him or imprisoned him, and whoever roasted an ewe his wife or his mother got sick, and whoever roamed seriously, his son or slave would have smallpox . The barbecue may indicate the good news of getting out of distress and victory over the enemies if the roast was a calf, and if it was a camel that indicated the glory and the joys of healing sickness, marriage to celibates, and the arrival of the traveler . And barbecuing may refer to snitching, or to plundering grace, imprisonment and plundering money .