Do animals dream?

Do animals dream? It is known that God Almighty has distinguished man over animals with reason, and reason as it is known from what it is based upon upon commissioning, and that is why God raised the pen from the insane, and if we have decided that dreams about them are not good news for their owner or warning him, and this is impossible for the animal because it is not The presence of her mind; Which is the subject of assignment, as we said, we decide here that the animal does not have the visions that are contained in the meaning of the good tidings or the warning, but it may have the ability to see some of the dreams whose events lived, but where is the machine that makes these dreams come out to us in light of its inability to speak and dialogue And understanding? I asked a lot of specialists and pet breeders, and they decided that their animals at night have a lot of turmoil, movement, change in mouth movement or screaming, which is the result of dreams of these animals . The study found one of the institutes in the United States on behalf of : (MIT News) The study entitled : Animals have Complex dreams MIT researcher proves issued in the history of 24-1 – 2001 and which proved this study include : that animals dream, and any owner of the animals can To see and discover this fact, and this may seem strange, but it is the truth. The animal’s mind is active during sleep as it is when working, and the animal’s sleep differs between deep sleep and simple sleep, and many experiments have been conducted on mice through which it has been proven that mice in their sleep move from the stage To a stage and from what is known that dreaming occurs in humans during the stage of deep sleep, and the same thing happens to mice . Animals have complex and complex dreams – as the study proves – and they dream about specific events that happen to them in waking life . And the conclusion that I come to is : 1_ that animals have the ability to sleep and to absorb it . 2_ Animals see some of the dreams in which they live their events or their events . 3_ There are no first and second types of animal dreams, and I mean promising visions, or warning dreams . 4_ The animal has no ability to narrate the dream, due to its inability to speak, but rather it reaches the occurrence of its dreams from the expressions of its faces during sleep . 5_ The reason for the impossibility of the first and second types of dreams among animals is the absence of the mind, and therefore it is likened to the madman who was lifted from the commission and is not held accountable for his actions, rather he may not feel what surrounds him or is planning for him, so it is noticed, for example, on Eid al-Adha that the animals that were imprisoned The night of Eid does not show her unnatural emotions during her sleep, even though in the morning she will be slaughtered, and this is due to her lack of awareness and awareness due to the lack of her mind, and the same applies to the child who has not been discerned and to the insane, they may sleep full of their eyes, even if the morning is the announcement of their execution !! And God knows best .