Dead dreaming dead and usually a dream warning . If you see or talk to your dad, you are about to take an unlucky job . Be careful with how you enter contracts, as enemies surround you . Men and women are advised to pay attention to their reputation after this dream . If you see your mother, this warns you to control your tendencies in order to reduce the sensitivity and bad intention towards those accompanying you . Seeing a brother or any of his relatives or friends indicates that someone will approach you for charity or help within a short time . If you dream of seeing the dead alive and happy, this indicates that you are letting the wrong influences interfere in the course of your life and will lead to material loss if you do not correct it by your willpower . If you dream that you are talking to a dead relative and this relative is trying to extract a promise from you, then this warns you of an upcoming misfortune unless you follow the advice given to you . One can avoid the disappointing consequences if the mind can take over the inner feelings of the scene of the higher or spiritual self . The voices of close relatives are those of the Higher Self that takes on some form and clearly nears the mind that lives in close proximity to the physical plane . There is so little harmony between general natures and material natures that people must rely on themselves for pleasure and sincere patients .