What is the basis for it in the heart of the meaning in expression , such as crying expressing joy , and death in life?

What is the basis for it in the heart of the meaning in expression , such as crying expressing joy , and death in life? Which is common among expressions of methods of expression ; Expression in the heart of meaning , like crying crossing over with joy , and death expressing life , and this I see its use when there is a bad meaning , it turns optimism , and what I have found from evidence that supports this approach is what came in the saying of the Most High : ( If God shows them a little in your dream, and if he shows them a lot, you would fail and you would be detached in the matter But God blesses you, He is aware of the same breasts (43), and as he shows them when you met in your eyes for a little, and reduces you in their eyes, so that God decides a matter that was in effect, and to God matters will return (44) ( Al-Anfal : 43, 44). Mujahid said : God showed them life in a little sleep . he told the Prophet peace be upon him companions that was pinned to them . Sayyid Qutb said : the vision is sincere in real significance , a little prophet was following them and they are many numbers , but few their music , a little weight in the battle … etc. . As the parties face correspond to face repeated vision prophetic sincere in the macroscopic image of the two sides , so that the believers see the unbelievers a few , and sees the unbelievers the faithful few , so that both teams Aggrey to go to battle . the reason that the unbelievers see the faithful few ; as Razi said : not preparing unbelievers Ka ready , and Ajtraoa believers Depending on me I told them , Then the multitude surprised and confused them . . . Until he said : There is an opposition in minimizing the two parties known as meditation . If the unbelievers were in fact many , and the believers were few , and the vision of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, had a few in the vision , he came to great wisdom , which is that God dares the believers against the unbelievers in the battlefield , and this is what helped the believers achieve victory , and God knows best . And there is a picture close to this , so relatives sometimes act on behalf of each other in a dream , so we may see the uncle , and the meaning is another uncle , and we may see one of the brothers , and the meaning is spent on another brother , and so on .