Breastfeeding denotes in a dream a need, orphanhood, spoilage, and a change of mood. If a woman sees that she is breastfeeding a person, she is closing the world to them, or confining them, because the breastfeeding person is like a prisoner until the child leaves the breast . And whoever sees that he is breastfeeding a boy after weaning, he will be imprisoned or sick or closed a door on him . And whoever breastfed or breastfed from it would get distress, then God Almighty would release it . And whoever sees that there is milk in his breasts, then he is overseeing a minimum increase that he can manage for what no one breastfeeds, and if he breastfeeds it there is no good for the nursing infant . If a woman sees that a man was breastfed from her milk, then he takes from her money as much as he took from the milk and she is disliked . If the patient sees that he is breastfeeding, he will be cured of his illness .