Defining visions in terms of convention

Visions in terms of the definition of the term ** First : the definition of visions when Muslim scholars : Muslim scholars set out in the definition of the vision of a special legitimacy of those texts that Vq Guet between vision and other than man sees in his dream and E of these texts , which began scientists in their definitions through which modern Abu Qatada agreed upon : ( true dreams of God and the dream of the devil ) (1) and the doctrine of the year in that vision : a set of beliefs and INSERTED Cat God delivered in the heart of the slave at the hands of a king or a demon . Either by their names any truth . Either we intend it, or it is wrong . Ibn al- Arabi said : This is similar in the case of vigilance contained thoughts on the human heart and thought it E ) T on the format . Ie on one system . Otherwise, it may come in an uncollected extract . And defined forward , she said al-maziri : the doctrine of the Sunnis in the truth of Revelation . That God Almighty creates beliefs in the heart of the sleeping person just as He creates them in the heart of the awakened, and He, Glory be to Him, does what He wills that does not prevent him from sleep or awakening, so if He created these beliefs it is as if He made them a science on other things He creates them in the second case, or He created them . And I knew that they are : beliefs that God creates in the heart of the sleeper – just as He creates them in the heart of the awakened, so if he creates them, it is as if he made them a flag on other things, then he creates them in the second case, and those beliefs sometimes fall in the presence of the king, then what is easy falls after . And sometimes the devil is in the presence of falls beyond what hurts . (2) In fact , the meditator in tariff notice that they are similar to a large extent as observed signal to differentiate between the two types of what man sees in his dreams . Which I will talk about in the next paragraph . Anne Alhadit also noticed Acar by saying : ( true dreams of God , and the dream of the devil ) that God creates the vision and beliefs that make them pleased to note that without the presence of the devil . And he creates what is knowledge on what harms the presence of Satan, so he attributes a reward to Satan for his presence with her, even if he has no real action . This is the meaning of saying ( peace be upon him ) (( Revelation of God and the dream of the devil )) is not on the devil to do something . Some scientists : that the devil has done and the impact of direct evidence of the hadeeth Jaber may Allah be pleased with him said : A man came to the Prophet , peace be upon him , said : (( I saw as if my neck hit, he said : ( one of you Btalb the devil did not happen? ) Narrated by Muslim and Imam Ahmed, and this term of Imam Ahmad . in the word when Imam Muslim : he said : O Messenger of God : I saw in a dream as if my head hit Vtdhrj Vachtddt on its impact . the Messenger of God inflectional : ( not speaking people Btalb the devil to go to sleep ) Jabir said : I heard the Prophet peace be upon him after a sermon he said : Hala making a one of you Btalb the devil in his sleep . (3) Imam Muhammad Safaareeni mercy of God said : to be Btalb the devil that he sees in his dreams what saddens him . it enters worry and anger and confuse him in his vision . he manipulated 0 said to each action that does not work it useful : but you are a player . he said in an interview , istinja said , peace be upon him ( that Satan plays the seats in the sons of Adam ) (4) ie it attends ‘s locations , istinja and monitors hurt and corruption? because it places deserted where Allah reveals where he commanded awrahs Bstrha and to refrain from exposure to the eyes of viewers and Mohab the wind and Rchata urine . all this Satan played and this opinion is correct, so the dream from Satan becomes reality . He is the one who portrays him as a reality, not a reward . This is from his permanent and declared hostility to humans . The act of the devil if Napata fact . No metaphor . Sayyid Qutb , may Allah have mercy on him , he said : above all . We decide that knowing its nature or not knowing it has nothing to do with proving its existence and the veracity of some of it . . . Until he said . . . We perceive the nature of these visions in this way that the barriers of time and space are what prevent this human creature from seeing what we call the past and the future . Or the hidden present . And that what we call the past or the future is obscured by the factor of time . The distant present also obscures the place factor . And that the sense of what is in a person, we do not know its nature, is awakened or strengthened, so it overcomes the barrier of time and sees what is behind it in an ambiguous form . Not a science, but a trace . Etc. his words . Then he said : And I can lie everything before I lie, an accident that occurred to me while I was in America and my family in Cairo . And I saw when the sleeper saw the son of a sister to me as a young man, with blood in his eye that kept her from seeing . So I wrote to my family inquiring about his own eye . The response came to me that his eye had internal bleeding and that he was being treated . It is noticed that the internal bleeding is not seen from the outside . It was a sample view of those seen by the naked eye normal sight, but was hidden from sight of internal bleeding at the bottom, either vision has revealed that Mahjoub blood inside (5) ** Second : the definition of visions when scientists non – Muslims : For scientists , non – Muslims , they have There are many reprehensible stories on this subject, and the reason for this is that they tried to find facts that are not aware of the mind to which they appeal in this and many other aspects . They also do not believe or believe in revelation or hearing, and therefore their words were disturbed . Whoever belongs to medicine attributes all the vision to the four mixtures, which are phlegm, bile, blood, and black, for example : They say that whoever is overwhelmed by sputum sees that he is swimming in water, because of the water’s suitability for the nature of the sputum, and whoever is overcome by yellow sees the flames, and this is not evidenced by it nor is it usually done. And what they said is a type of vision and the vision is not limited to it , for we know that some of it is from the soul , some of which is from Satan and some of it is from the Most Merciful . And philosophers claim that the pictures of what is going on in the earth is the world’s top Kalnicoh what adjoin some of them Antakec in the heart of the sleeping , and this Plato ‘s theory known as the theory of the ideals that most opinion corrupt than its predecessor , because Alantqash of the qualities of objects and what is going on in the upper symptoms of the world , and symptoms Do not discuss it . Some non – Muslim scholars have to try to unravel the mystery of dreams and access through which to judge the human psyche, motives and tendencies and trends and even held . He has published the world of Sigmund Freud named author ( analysis of dreams ) in 1899 AD , and sees that as the ( ego ) in the event of vigilance is the one who controls the strength of the movement, this function disrupted during sleep , and then fades a large censorship imposed on the part The ( is ) or subconscious said : The withdrawal of psychological shipments that the function of control or weaken it allows some freedom now seems . Intended dream state • Harmless . It has been used ‘ Freud ‘ analysis of dreams as a means to reach the depths of the unconscious and Akoshvh for his secrets . Freud ‘s Anne is dreams as a ~ Royal Road ~ ( to the Subconscious containing the contract and the motives and repressed desires . And cared scientist ~ Karen Horney ~ analysis of dreams . They see that dreams increase insight about the situation and reveal some trends of the patient towards the world . It is believed ~ Aaark from ~ that dreams reflect the reasonable elements and elements unreasonable personal at the same time (6). It is noticeable from this brief presentation to their point of view these include : _ focus on the use of dreams as a means to enter the patient ‘s world and find out the cause of his illness , or condition . . they focus only on the so – called Bodgat dreams , which thinks about the man before his sleep and then see after his sleep , or focus on something that has nothing to do with dreams , but is what they do with patients in psychiatric clinics after making it relax in the clinic and leaves talking about himself and for his work and his wife and those around him , and the doctor to monitor this talk , and enter through this personal patient , and this is quite different from the visions that man sees in a dream by the king of vision . Sayyid Qutb says : says a school of psychoanalysis about the nature of vision : it Photo Dreams breathe in pent-up desires in the absence of awareness, and this represents a part of dreams . But not all represented . And Freud himself . On all his unscientific control over his theory, he decides that there are prophetic dreams . (7) says Mohammed Ali Qutb supporter of Sayyid Qutb : I have adopted ~ Ofroed ~ in more analysis and conclusions on Alrai and then sat through which the rules and the foundations on which he built his theories in psychology , but • unfortunately – it was heading in the symbols and meanings direction physically, or It is a decadent animal, so the person does not do justice to his humanity , and the vision – no doubt – is partial in a person’s daily life , but it is in a framework of the occult from the world of revelation, life coexistence and sensory practice , a vision that is not a vision but an insight , and a movement that is not with the limbs and organs, but only in the emotional sense . (8) Perhaps the best of us to explain the reason for this shortcoming of the psychologists in understanding the visions and give it the right of Imam al – Qurtubi said : cause confusion illegal reluctance of what came prophets from the straight path and enough remarks in response (9). ________________________________________ (1 ) Agreed , Al – Bukhari narrated as Fath al – Bari (369 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Ahmad • op • (170 \ 1 (5) Sayyid Qutb – in the shadows of the Koran – published Dar Sunrise i 1402 e (4/1972) (6 ) expansion see : Dr . Hamed Zahran . Mental Health and psychotherapy . 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