The greeting

Whoever sees that he has greeted a man in a dream, and there is no enmity or quarrel between them, for the Muslim against him befalls the Muslim with joy, security and goodness, and if there is enmity between them, the Muslim will be victorious with the Muslim against him, and he is safe from his evil, and if the Muslim is an unknown sheikh, then he will be safe from the torment of God Almighty If he is a well-known sheikh, then he will obtain many plantings and fruits. If the Muslim is an unknown young man, then he will betray him from his enemy, and if the Muslim wants to engage with a man whose answer is received, then he will marry him to whom he proposes, and if his answer is not answered, he will not marry him. His answer, because that trade is healed between them, and if he does not respond to it, it is not healed and not completed, and if his enemy greeted him with a gift to him, then his enemy seeks reconciliation from him, pays his debt, or is fined . If he saw that he was greeted with an unknown salutation, then he accepted it, and he would say salaam, return the greeting, and be rewarded for it . If he does not return it, and does not accept it, he has sinned, and he is not rewarded for it . And it was said : And whoever sees that he greets a man who will be injured . And whoever sees that he shakes hands with someone who is accustomed to him, greets him, and embraces him, then that is better and indicates good words that he hears and speaks similar to him . If he sees that he shakes hands with an enemy and embraces him, that indicates that his enmity will disappear . And whoever sees that the angels, peace be upon him, greet him, God will give him insight and the best outcome . And peace in a dream indicates submission to the Muslim to him, and perhaps peace indicates the need that calls for those who would return him, peace be upon him, if someone’s response to him will gain what he wants, otherwise his goods will be spoiled, or his saying among the people is not accepted, and if he asks for a need and does not initiate peace, his need will be excused . And if a people began to speak before the peace, that indicates a violation of the Sunnah and a tendency to innovation . And if someone greeted him and did not respond, or he responded with a gesture, this indicates surrender .