Does reading Surat Al-An’am expel dread?

Does reading Surat Al-An’am expel dread? A question that has spread among people is a vision, with the legitimacy of reading Surat Al-An’am to expel panic, as happened during the Iraq war, and it appeared these days in light of these events, so what do you think of the matter? It is not permissible to introduce worship and enter it through visions, such as one who introduces the determination of Laylat al-Qadr, or enters some unseen matters. As someone who spoke about the birth of the Mahdi through seeing his connection, this is my opinion of the issue, and I have spoken about it repeatedly on the website or program, reading the Qur’an is worship, and allocating the reading of this surah to such circumstances is an allocation without evidence. Because there is no evidence other than what was reported from the infallible, may God bless him and grant him peace, and I beware of those who spread such messages or call to work with them among people, and likewise this is the case for those who call to read Surah Al-Zalzala to ward off earthquakes in some countries, and God knows best .