the Prophet

Whoever sees him in a dream indicates to the child that he will have compassion on him from the fire of this world and the hereafter . And it shows the professor to discipline him with his etiquette . And a disciplined person as he knows from the Book of God Almighty . The vision of the prophets and messengers, peace be upon them, indicates warning and good news . If you trust them in prayer, or follow them on the road, feed him food, give him something fragrant or delicious, teach him a science, or tell him well, that is evidence of his good following of them or keeping their Sunnah and vice versa . Their vision of the kings and scholars indicates the rulers of affairs, such as rulers, preachers, imams, who are considered to be considered or educated, because they are those who call to God Almighty . And whoever claims prophethood in a dream appears from him a news of his destiny . If in a dream he becomes a messenger or a caller to God Almighty, if someone answers him and accepts his claim from him, he will gain a high status, otherwise he becomes a broker or a muezzin . And whoever saw a prophet from among the prophets, peace be upon them, and they were in a victorious war or in the distress of God’s relief for them . And whoever sees himself as a prophet will die a martyr and have patience . And whoever sees that he does some of the prophets’ acts of worship and righteousness, then this is evidence of the validity of his religion . And whoever sees that he has become a prophet, he enjoins good and forbids evil, and adversity befalls him, and then he is saved by the kindness of God Almighty . And whoever sees that he killed a prophet indicates that he is betraying faithfulness and breaking the covenant . And whoever sees a prophet beating him, he will inform him of something that delayed him if he was an honorable man . And whoever saw that the prophets spoke to him and the words were good, he would gain benefit, honor, honor and mention among the people . Visiting the Prophet in a dream indicates endearment to God Almighty for righteous deeds, and indicates security from fear, high status, and courtship with scholars, and perhaps indicates knowledge and rationality .