The palm of the hand

The palm of the hand is in a dream the strength of a man, and the stretching of the palm is the expansion of his worldly life, and his shakiness is the expansion of his worldly life . And if he sees that hair has grown in his palm, then he will suffer grief and debt . And it was said : It is money that he proclaims from his hand . If the hair grows on the back of the palm is strong, or its money is gone . And whoever saw his palm hanging and was connected to the Sultan, he would have a benefit and goodness, even if he was a hunter, he hunted a lot, and if he was the owner of a property that won the benefit . And whoever sees that he is small, he will become a coward weak in himself . And stop things . And whoever sees a hand and is afraid of something, he will stop doing it . And whoever sees his palm wide open is evidence of his abundance of livelihood and generosity, and if he sees it arrested indicates his stinginess and lack of goodness . Cessation if good was evidence of cessation . Evil and disobedience to God Almighty or the cessation of charity . Perhaps a good cessation indicated acceptance of supplication . Cessation and rest is a relief from fatigue or finding comfort for others . And it was said : Seeing the palm denotes six aspects : livelihood, money, presidency, children, courage and distance from the forbidden . See also the hand .