the church

The church denotes in a dream knowledge, asceticism, fear, and weeping, and perhaps it indicates worry, sorrow, lying, fading, slander, or heresy, amusement and familiarity, and indicates the ruler with unfairness . So whoever enters into a church in a dream and was celibate, married, had a son, or went astray after his guidance, especially if he prostrated to statues, or participated in a sacrifice with them, or had a girdle in his midst . Perhaps the church indicated the shelter of demons . The grandmother and the elevation of the Church is evidence of weakness in religion . And if a person sees that his home is a church, then his home is a community of the people of passions, heresies and sins . The church indicates the cemetery, the wine shop, the house of knowledge and singing, and the prison . So whoever enters a church and sees a dead person in it is imprisoned with the disobedient . See also the monastery .