Does my skill in interpreting the visions and dreams of my family make me representative?

Does my skill in interpreting the visions and dreams of my family make me representative? There is a man or woman who reads in the science of interpretation of visions and dreams, and his love for this science develops to try to interpret his dreams, and this may develop for interpretation to those around him, especially for those close to him, and he may succeed in interpreting some or many of them, according to his ingenuity, possession and culture . A girl may succeed when she hears several visions from her mother and in which the symbol of rain is repeated, and this is, for example, but not limited to, knowing what is correct in determining its meaning in seeing her mother in particular, and this is possible, but my question is : Will she succeed when she sits in front of many women and may Does she not know them knowing the meaning of the symbol itself and expecting it to its appropriate meaning for everyone who asks her? One of them may succeed in expressing seeing his colleague once by analogy, for example, on the expression of a vision through which someone skilled in this art, but he will not be able to express similar visions to other than his friend. Because of the difference between his friend and other askers, and this is very similar to someone who gives his son medicine to relieve heat, but he is not able and may even be considered a perpetrator if he dispensed another medicine to him in another illness, the issue is very serious, as the visions are not measured against each other in expression and here Difficulty; Therefore, the criterion is not in the ingenuity of so-and-so, his success in interpretation is not only for his family and his family, but the standard is broader and more comprehensive than this, and so I said what I said previously. Whoever wants to be a successful expresser, he must practice and this is in the expression of visions for many samples without deep knowledge of them, and the rhythm of the vision according to the correct intended meaning, detailing it according to the size of its owner . The success of a person in expressing the visions of his colleagues, and the success of a person in expressing the visions of his family is not sufficient to give him the title [ expressive ] , and what is presented from time to time on this topic of stories for some in their success in the expression of visions or dreams of family or friends falls under this section, please pay attention. For that difference