What is hypnosis, and does the hypnotist dream of a hypnotist?

What is hypnosis, and does the hypnotist dream of a hypnotist? Hypnosis : A state similar to normal sleep, and not a normal sleep …….. Hypnosis can be induced in a relaxed person in ways, including : A _ repeating some words . B _ repetition of some movements . C _ Staring at a point that leads to fatigue of the eye muscles . It is noticeable that the hypnotist in this way does not lose his feeling and attention, but remains subject to the hypnotist’s suggestions and commands, and may even direct him to believe in a thought, or an idea, and it is also noticed that a person cannot be hypnotized despite his nose . There is a so-called hypnosis. It is far from hypnosis, and depends in its entirety on artificial representation, to reach the viewer’s entertainment for these performances only, and it does not depend on it, and is not part of what the researcher speaks here . ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~ In conclusion : The hypnotic state in this way, whether it was intended to be hypnotized in theater, or medical hypnosis in the clinic, and under the supervision of the attending physician, is not a natural state with which a sincere vision is generated