The Door

It is in a dream indicative of the values ​​of the house . And open doors are the gates of livelihood . The meaning of house doors falls on women, if the doors are new then women are virgins, and if the doors are not closed then women are virgin . And whoever saw that he closed the door of an iron house, he would marry a virgin . And whoever sees the door of the house changed from his condition, then he has changed the condition of the owner of the house, and if he sees it fallen or uprooted to the outside, or he sees it burned or broken, then it is a calamity to which the values ​​of the house are exposed . Likewise, if the sleeper sees the door closed after it is pulled out, then it is for the man to stay, and if he sees it blocked, then it is a great misfortune for the people of that house . And if he sees a small door in the center of his house, then it is disliked, because it enters the shame, because it has magnified the door of his house and expanded and strong without ugliness, then it is the good of the values . And if he sees one of the lions jumping at the door of his house, the immoral people follow his wife . If he sees that he is searching for the door of his house, then he does not find him, for she is confused about his worldly matter . And if he saw that he entered through a door, he was in a quarrel in which he won . And if he sees gates opened, then the gates of this world are opened for him . And if he sees that the door of his house has expanded above the number of the doors, then it is the entry of people over him without permission . Perhaps the demise of the door from its position was the demise of the owner of the house from his morals and conditions, and his change of the conditions of his household to a contradiction to what they had before . If he sees that he went out from a narrow door to a wide place, then he is leaving from distress to capacity, and from anguish and fear to security . And the door ring is like the eyebrow or the messenger, so whoever sees that its core has two rings, he has a debt for two people, and if he sees that he cut off his door ring, then he enters into an innovation . And whoever sees the fire burning the doors, his wife will soon die . And the gates of the city are indicative of its owner who is in charge of the matter of religion and the world in it . The door of the house is indicative of its builder and the one in charge of the interests of its people . And the door of the house indicates who lives in it . And entering through the unknown doors indicates victory over the enemies, and perhaps the unknown doors indicate science, sustenance, gains and travel . Exiting the doors is a paradox of what we have mentioned. If the door is good, then it indicates that it has parted with good, and if it is destroyed or narrow, it indicates that it is parting with evil and intends to deliver for itself . Perhaps the door indicates death, and if he exits the door and finds an expanse, greenery, or a pleasant smell, that indicates the good hereafter, and if he finds darkness, corpse, or fire, he shall be punished in his end . Opening the door in a dream indicates making things easier, and closing the door distress, distress and disruption for reasons . Opening the door in the sky indicates the answer to the supplication or the prohibition of committing what is forbidden, or the length of torment, revenge and adversity, and if the rain is imprisoned indicates its descent, and the revival of the earth after its death . The chapter on the secret updated in the house indicates the good and bad that the visionary implies, as he was concealed and well-built, he reached his goal by concealing it, and if he appears from him in the house, it indicates showing his secrets and revealing his conditions, and perhaps the door of mystery indicates glory, elevation, nation and youth . Perhaps it indicated the charity of the secret and good treatment between him and his Lord . And whoever sees a new door to his house, or sees a carpenter who installed or installed it, this is a good tidings of health . And whoever sees that he wants to close a door but cannot, then that is something difficult for him by his wife . And whoever sees that he entered a people through the gate, he will gain victory over his enemies and refute the arguments of his opponents . And whoever sees his door uprooted and has installed someone else, he sells his house, and whoever enters a house and closes his door is protected from sin, and the door and the two rings are generous and demand a debt .