If in a dream there is obedience answering, this indicates a power that accompanies him in Hashim, because Bazzi is capable of over the bird . If he sees that he is calling for camouflage, he will obtain a lethal army from the elite Arab soldiers . Al-Bazi is a man of prestige, masculinity and honor, and whoever takes him will have a son . And if he was from the people of the emirate, he gained authority . If it flew out of his hand and left his leg, his possession would go away and the remembrance of it remained, and if something of the feathers remained in his hand, something of the king would remain in his hand . And the bazza slaughtered the death of the kings, and their meat was eaten by the Sultan . And whoever saw a Bazzi on his hand and was one of the sons of kings, he attained authority, even if he was a vulgar, he won the presidency and thought of praise among the people . If Al-Bazi kills in his home, he will be victorious as a thief . If he saw a camel that landed in a locality, thieves entered it with their number, and if he saw that a buzzard got out of his seat he accompanied a man who was eating the forbidden, or he sheltered in his home . And Al-Bazi denotes thieves who cut openly, and Al-Bazi denotes glory and power, victory over enemies, the attainment of hopes and adornments of children and husbands, the Mamelukes and the concubines, the precious money and health, the release of worries, the health of eyes, and the abundance of travels . Perhaps it indicates death in order to gain lives, and it indicates imprisonment, restriction and misery in the restaurant and the drink . And whoever sees that the buzzi has gone away from him, then his power goes away from him, and if there remains in his hand his thread, or something of his feathers, then his power is gone and money remains in his hand as much as what remains in his hand of the buzzi, and whoever sees that he has bought a buzzard to hunt with it, then he will be on work, and he is sent in it. Workers for whom money is given . And it was said : The death of the buzzard indicates the destruction of the oppressors .