the cold

If the hail descended from the sky, it is evidence of the king’s torture of people, the loss of their money and the pain of some of them . If a person sees that the sky is raining hail or snow at a time other than that, then the seeker becomes ill with a minor disease and is cured of it . If he sees that the cold has fallen from the sky on his body, some of his money will be gone . And the cold in its time indicates the departure of worries and victory over the enemies and the envious, because in it the cooling of the earth from which snakes and scorpions appear . If the cold was too much, it spoiled the places and prevented the path, and indicated that the situation had stopped and that travel was not possible . It is a sign of evil, and if there is no harm from it, then it is good and sustenance . And whoever sees the cold that has fallen on his land, then it is a mercy from God Almighty, and if it spoils, then it will be torment in that place . The cold may refer to locusts, and if the cold harms crops and people, then it is fines imposed on people, or smallpox disease or insanity, and who carries the cold in a sieve or clothing or in what does not carry water in it, and if he is rich, his earnings will melt or his money will disappear, and if he has goods in The sea was afraid for her, and if he was poor, all that he needs and wears he will not stay with him, and nothing is left for his life .