A water well in a dream, a laughing and upright woman . If a woman sees a well, then he is a man of good manners . And the well is money or science, or a big man or prison, or restriction or deception . And whoever sees that he dug a well and has water in it, he marries a wealthy woman and deceives her, because drilling is deceitful, and if there is no water in it, then the woman has no money, and if he sees that he drank from her water, then he hits money from deceit . And if he sees an old well in a locality, house, or village from which the exporters and the arrivals draw with the rope and the bucket, then there is a woman, or a woman’s hubby, or her values, and people benefit from him in their livelihood, and he has a good remembrance in that . If he saw that water overflowed from that well, then he came out of it, and then they were sad and weeping in that place . And if he sees that he is digging a well to water an orchard, then he takes medicine with which he has intercourse with his family . If he sees his well overflowing until the water enters the houses, then if it strikes money it will be a disaster for him, and if he goes out of the house, he escapes from them and goes from his money as much as he left the house . If he sees that he has fallen into a well of water, then he is acting with a tyrannical man who is unjust, and he will be afflicted with his plot and wrongdoing, and his affairs will be difficult for him . If the water is clear, then he works for a righteous man who is content with him . If he sits on a well, he is treated as a cunning man, and he is saved from his plot . If he sees that he is falling or sent in a well, then he travels . And the well, if a man sees it in an unknown location, and there is fresh water in it, then it is the world of the man, and in it he will be blessed, well-lived, long-lived as much as water, and if there is no water in it then his life has run out . The collapse of the well is the death of the woman . If he sees that his feet are dangling in the well, then he is plotting with all or part of his money . If he goes down in a well and reaches half of it, then he calls it, then he travels . If he hears the call to prayer in the middle of the well, he is isolated, even if he is a ruler, and he loses even if he is a merchant . And it was said : Whoever sees a well in his home or his land, he will gain abundance in his livelihood, ease after hardship, and benefit in terms of which it is not counted, for he has seen that he fell into a well that his rank and in front of him fall . Perhaps the well indicates the father and the boy, the polite and the grave, the deceit and the fulfillment of the needs, the travel and the demand, the scarcity and generosity . And every well has an interpretation : the house’s well is indicative of the owner of the house or his store, his wife or servant, or his money, death, or life . The broken well will disrupt travel and movement . And the well in the streets indicates the mosque or the bathroom, and perhaps the well indicates the adulterous woman to whom every one comes . And the warm well is indicative of its guard . And the well of the way is indicative of the vulva after the distress . And the waterwheel well is indicative of the world in which some people are happy, and others are poor, and perhaps it indicates the home of knowledge and schools for students . And if a person saw the well of Zamzam in a lane or well-known country, he would bring to that location a man who would benefit the people with his supplication or favor . Perhaps this indicated the victory of the people of that country over their enemies and the abundance of their blessing, and perhaps the beneficial rain fell upon them when they needed it . If he saw that he stood on a well and drew from pure, good water, if he was a scholar he got from him as much as he drew, if he was poor he made money, and if he was single, he married, and if his wife is pregnant, she brings a child especially if he draws a bucket, otherwise there is a reason for him to dispense with About people, and groveling to them . And if he was seeking a need, he fulfilled his needs, and if he was hoping to travel, he would travel and he would have gained in his travel great benefits . If he was asking for a request that happened to him, and if he hoped for a hope, he realized it, and if the well was close to the bribe, he was a generous man, and if he was sprinkled far away, he was a stingy man, then the water of the well indicated polytheism and disbelief in God Almighty . The well may indicate doubt about religion, because it is the opposite of Bir Rib . And whoever sees that he looks in a well, then he thinks and looks about a woman . Whoever sees that his well is folded, and his wife is sick, or is in postpartum period, she shall be saved and be absolved of her sickness .