A person may see something of modern things, how can they be expressed?

A person may see some of the modern things, how can they be expressed? This question is very important in relation to a question previously asked : Can the expression be taught? Or is it arresting some people and cannot be instructed? Through tracking the texts, we found that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, sometimes presented the vision to the Companions , heard the expression from them , and sometimes taught them the expression. Therefore, some of them excelled in this knowledge. If this is what we have come up with here is the correct one, then we must try to find out an expression. It was not mentioned in the books of the ancients of modern matters arising in this era . Al-Ash’ari said : The origin of the expression is that of the prophets and their tongues , and Ibn Battal’s commentary by saying : It is as he said , but what was mentioned on the authority of the prophets in that, even if it originally did not pervade all hypocrites . It is necessary for the skilled in this art to infer with a good look, then return what is not stipulated for it to the rule of representation , and judge it by virtue of the correct proportion, so he makes an original affixed to him as jealousy does in the branches of jurisprudence . Examples of things that you may see are modern that you do not find in expression books, and no one who wrote about this art has ever written about the following . Contemporary terminology for expression