Seeing the building created on the ground, a minimum private or public benefit as far as he saw it . Perhaps the interpretation of the construction was building a man with his family, so if he builds something, it indicates the matter of women . If he sees that his house has expanded a well known amount, then it is his worldly capacity, and if the breadth exceeded its size, then a people will enter that house without permission in a calamity, wedding, or panic . And it was said : Whoever sees that he is building a building, he will gather his relatives, friends, and soldiers . If he is a ruler, that is the return of his state, the completeness of his happiness, and the height of his affairs according to the thickness and tightness of the building . If he uprooted and removed it, then he separated the gathering of his relatives, companions, friends and soldiers, and his state was gone . If he sees that it renews an old structure of a world, then it is a renewal of that world’s life. If the building is for a Pharaoh or an unjust person, then it is a renewal of his life . If he saw that he had started building, then he dug it from its foundation, and built it from his decision, until he built it, then he is in the pursuit of knowledge, state, or craft, and he will obtain what he wants . And whoever sees that he is building in a town or village of Bunyana then he will marry a woman there, and if he builds of clay then he adorns and adorns a hypocrisy, if he builds from clay then he earned from permissible, and if it is engraved then it is knowledge or state, with purity and joy . If he sees that he built a building of plaster and paid a picture for it, then he is going into falsehood, because building with stucco and the wage is hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is building with stucco and wages . And it was said : Whoever does plaster work does what is not permissible for him . And whoever sees that he builds in estrangement, then he marries a woman whose name has not been mentioned to him, or that he resides in estrangement and dies . Building with clay is religion and certainty . And dry mud is an abomination of money . And whoever sees that it is mud in the grave of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, then he should perform Hajj . And whoever sees that his house is muddy and a ton is wet, then he is good . And whoever sees that he eats it, he eats as much money as he ate . And the beautiful construction indicates intimacy, love, offspring, livelihood, venerable clothing, and the firstborn of women . And perhaps the tight construction indicated strength and intensity, or support and assistance, and perhaps the vision of the building indicated a long life, and perhaps the building indicated its builder, and if it was a church it was indicated by a Christian, and if it was a mosque it was indicated by a Muslim, and if it was a school it was It was indicated by its jurist, or Ribat was indicated by an ascetic worshiper . And whoever built in a dream a mosque or a place close to God Almighty, if he was a king who established the truth and enjoined good and forbade evil, and if he was a scholar who compiled a book that people benefited from his knowledge or fatwas, and if he had money he paid the zakat of his money . If he was single, he married . If he was married, he would have a son, and a good male spread to him . And if he was poor, he would be rich, otherwise he would gather people together with good and help them to obey God Almighty, otherwise he will repent to God Almighty for what he committed, or convert to Islam, or die a martyr . If he builds by what is not permissible to build, or deviates from the mihrab, or diverts it to other than its direction, it indicates the opposite of good and evil. If he sees domes or builds them in a dream, this indicates raising his status, or joining the people of destiny . And whoever sees that he built a dome over the clouds, he will gain authority and power for his rule . And whoever saw that he had structures above the sky and earth from green domes, his deeds were good, and he died on the testimony . And whoever sees that he builds a bathroom, he builds it with a woman . If he sees the patient as if he was building his house and does not know when he destroyed it, then his body has returned to health, and the disease in which he is departed from him . And whoever sees that his father has established a structure and raises his fish, then he will complete the deeds of his father, which he had in a religion or a world . And whoever sees that the workers are working in his home, he will quarrel with his wife, or desert a friend of his and the like .