The rug

A rug in a dream is simple, dignified and subtle, especially if it is owned by the visionary . And whoever sees that he is on a rug, then he buys land, and if he is in war, then he is safe from it . The rug is inferior to its owner, who spread it to him . He saw the rug folded and his whole world folded from him . If the rug is new, spacious and well-crafted, it will have a long life and a wide life . And if he sees that an unknown rug is spread for him in an unknown place among unknown people, then he will gain a world in his exile and his distance from his country and his people . If the rug is thin or worn, then it is a world with little life . And whoever sees his rug folded upon himself, it turns from its position to an unknown location, and gets out of his possession and folds his world . If the rug was extended to him, his livelihood expanded and he was released . The rug indicates sitting with rulers and chiefs and everyone who treads his rug, so whoever folds his rug his rule will be suspended, or his travel is not possible, or his world is kept away from him . And if his rug was snatched from him or burned with fire, he would die, or it was impossible to travel, and if the rug was slain near his deadline and he was emaciated or near death . And the worn rug is disgrace . And the rug is the man who praises himself, praises it, and raises it, so it does not increase except with falsehood and falsehood .