Mourning is in a dream they are melancholy . And whoever sees that he has gathered a bunch of bulbs from his garden, let him beware of evil . And the poorest of herbals is money for which the money is fit, and the mule that grows is a man . Some of them said : All legumes are valid, and some said : All legumes are disliked . Some of them said : All pulses indicate trade, grief, childbirth and money. If they indicate trade, it is a trade that has no survival, and if it refers to men, then they are soldiers . And whoever replaces manna and quail with legumes and garlic, he will receive humiliation and poverty . If he sees that he substitutes bread for bread, then he will be saved from poverty and humiliation . And whoever sees that he ate cooked legumes, he will gain good and benefit from everything, joy, happiness and goodness, and he will have a profit in everything . And the foolish little petal, which is the purslane, is a sign of wishing for what he does not realize .