Spit indicates the strength of a man in a dream, so whoever sees his saliva has dried up, he will be unable to do what he wants from what his counterparts do, and say his words and words . And whoever sees that he has emitted foam and foam from his mouth, then it indicates false words that he says or a lie that he is making . And the man’s money spits according to his ability, so whoever sees that he is spitting on a wall is spending his money on jihad or using his money in trade, if he spits on the ground he buys a farm or land, and if he spits on a tree breaks an oath or breaks an oath . If he spits on a person, he ejaculates . A hot spit is a sign of longevity, and a cold spit is a sign of death . And dry saliva in the mouth is poverty, and sputum is the merit of speech, knowledge, or money . It may indicate health or sickness, and if a person sees his sputum changing indicates his bad mood . Spitting in a dream may indicate an interruption of comfort and pleasure, and the loss of children . Too many in a dream is evidence of anxiety and distress . And whoever sees it as if he is spitting then he gives out bad words, and if there is blood or thick phlegm in it, then his speech is not permissible for him . And whoever sees that he spits in the face of a person or an animal, he will give him words that are not permissible for him .