The house

The house is the wife of the man to whom he lives, and from it it is said : So-and-so enters his house if he gets married . Perhaps he pointed his house to his body, and if he said : I saw as if I built a new house, and if he was sick, his body would be healthy . And if there is no patient who got married if he was single, or he married his daughter and brought her in, or bought a secret as much as the house . And whoever saw that he was above an unknown house, he hit a woman . And whoever saw that he was imprisoned in a documented house, with a locked door, and the house in the middle of the houses, he will be well and well . And whoever sees that he has endured a house or walked through it, he may endure a woman’s supplies . And whoever sees that his house is made of gold, his house will be hit by a fire . And whoever sees that he comes out of a small house, he goes out of them . And whoever sees in his house a spacious and muddy house, then he is a righteous woman, and if the house is plastered or built with bricks, then it is a sound, hypocritical woman . If there is a basement under the house, then it is a cunning man, and if it is of clay, then it is deceitful in religion . The dark house indicates a woman with bad character . And whoever saw that he entered a sprinkled house, he was hit by his wife with the amount of wetness and the amount of mud, then it was fixed and removed . And if he sees that he is building houses and fortresses in a country, and if he marries in it and gives birth to children, then if he sees that his house is wider than it used to be, then the good and fertility will expand on him and that by his wife . And whoever sees that he is establishing a new home, he will be struck by a great deal of sadness. If he sees a new house, his enemy will die . If he sees his house dark, he travels far away without any benefit or pleasure . And if he sees his house lit up, he travels and finds good in it . If he sees that he demolishes his house, someone else inherits his money .