Is it permissible for the prosecution to cut the vision?

Q : Is it permissible for the prosecution to cut the vision? Prosecutors in Cut Vision welcome if the liquid woman find a conversation embarrassed at the crossing ,. And the questioner had seen a good vision in which there was clear good tidings to him, so he turned to others and bowed to know its expression . According to the hadith of Ibn ‘ Umar said : I saw in a dream Ka n in the hands of a piece of Aestbrq – which thicken the brocade – and not a place I want in Paradise not flew to him , he said : Vqsstha Hafsah , Vqstha the Prophet peace be upon him said the Prophet , peace be upon him : ~ I see Abdullah , a good man ,~ Narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh (1) , as was reported by Ibn Umar also , he said : the man in the life of the Prophet peace be upon him if he saw a vision cut to the Messenger of Allah peace May God bless him and grant him peace, so I wished to see a vision that I would narrate to the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace . He said : I was a boy young Azba , and I slept in the mosque at the time of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and saw sleep as if two kings Okhmana, they went me to the fire , If is folded Kti well , and if you have two horns Kqrna well , and if the people may know them they made I say : I seek refuge in God from the Fire ( three ). . He said : Vlekayama king said the Prophet peace be upon him : ~ Yes Man Abdullah if he prayed the night ~ . Salem said : Abdullah was then not sleep at night except a little agreed upon word of the steam (2). This hadith, as Ibn Hajar said in Al-Fath, contains the legitimacy of the prosecution in narrating the vision, and Ibn Umar’s politeness with the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and his fear of him as he did not tell his visions himself , as if when his aura did not affect him telling it himself , so he told it to his sister to prove it (3), likewise Not sure when expressing , and Al-Tabarani brought out with his chain of narrators on the authority of Abu Bakr that Aisha said : O Messenger of God, I saw three moons of Hein in my room . He said to her : “ If you believe your vision, he will be buried in your house the best of the people of Paradise. ” Then the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him , seized his best moons, then Abu Bakr was captured, then Omar was taken , and they were buried in her house (4). The Sunnah for the crossing when you begin to express to say : good , or good or saw good , and this optimism . It was reported as stating that more than one of the companions of the Messenger of Allah , this Abu Bakr was saying when the expression : that ratified your vision and before the Prophet peace be upon him , has prizes out in Snih narrated from Umm Fadl said : O Messenger of Allah I saw Ka n In my house a member of your members . He said : ~ I have seen good . Fatima gives birth to a boy and breastfeed him ~ (5). Well or she bore Hasina » Vordath milk her son Qtm son of Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib . It is reported that the Prophet peace be upon him , he said : ~ From the vision offered to him , let him say to those who offered him : good ~ . Thus walked the rest of his companions on this approach , was Omar ibn al – Khattab may Allah be pleased with him , if he recounted the vision , said : Oh God , if it is good , we have , and that was evil Vltna . He said Abdul Razak Muammar Ayoub Ibn Sirin said : Abu Bakr if he wanted to express Alraia , he said : to be ratified as well as your vision, as well as (6). As well as the crossing to differentiate between what praise in a dream and disparage in vigilance , like this drag shirt for men , she is in a dream Mahmoud has been through it the Prophet peace be upon him to the age of religion but in the wake of God Almspl has vowed garment , and this priest . I emphasize here is very important not hope for an order of recurrence , that the vision that endured more than the face of it is located according to the words of the first transient that hit , and did not hurt it for those infected after , because it is not orbit only on the injury right in the expression of a dream , to reach this To God’s desires in what he set as a proverb, as Ibn Hajar and others said (7). If he was hit, he should not ask someone else , and if he was not, then he should ask about the second one , and the questioner should inform him of what he has . Some scholars have stated some of the other literature that there is no evidence it including : that does not reflect the visions at sunrise and at sunset and at noon and at night , which is – in my opinion – there is no evidence it is no sin for those who work otherwise , there is nothing wrong On those who crossed at sunrise or at sunset, or at night , and what was reported about the sun setting between the horns of Satan is not related to the expression of visions, and God knows best . __________________ (1 ) Narrated by Bukhari as in the conquest of expression in the book of the door Alaestbrq and enter heaven in a dream (12 \ 03 4 ) – op – and Muslim narrated in the book of the virtues of the son of the virtues of the Companions of Ibn ‘ Umar , as in the nuclear (16 / 38 ) – op -. (2 ) already discharged , p . 33 (3 ) Open (12 /437 ) – op -. (4 ) did not find him in the nine books narrated by al . (5 ) Narrated by Ibn Majah in the book of Revelation expression – the door of the expression of Revelation – 0 and narrated by Ahmad in the rest of the palm Ansar – the hadeeth of Umm al- Fadl ibn Abbas , a sister of auspicious may Allah be pleased with them all 0 and sentenced to mark the Albanian weak . (6 ) Ibn Jawziyyah – increased re – a reference earlier . (2 /459 , 460 ) (7 ) See Ibn Hajar . Previous reference . (12 /396 – 432 ). ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi