In a dream, he is a man with worries, so whoever sees him has been hit by him, they do not know its consequences . And whoever sees that he eats watermelon, he will get out of prison, because God Almighty says : ( So send one of you with your papers to Madinah, so let him see which of them is the best food, so let him bring you a provision from it ). Means watermelon . Ibn Sirin said : Whoever saw that he reached out to heaven and took watermelon, he would seek a king and get it quickly . As for the Indian watermelon, whoever sees it has given it to people, it is heavy and cold in the eyes of the people, or he speaks heavy words . And the cooked one is for men of their own, and watermelon is good for those who want to love another person, and for those who want to circumcise another person, and for those who want to do business, watermelon is bad for him and indicates unemployment . And whoever sees that watermelon is being thrown into a house, he will die from his family by the number of each one of it, and watermelon in the dream is a disease, and the raw green from which it has not ripened is healthy for the body . And the green watermelon is a town, a boy or a wife . Yellow watermelons are women or men who have good praise and goodness, and may indicate a woman with beautiful qualities or poor faults because of the roughness of the crust and the yellow color of the red color indicates the types of jewelry . See the arc .