Actor and actress

Actor and Actress If you see an actress in your dreams, this indicates that your current situation will be a state of continuous pleasure and fortune . If you see a dismal actress, she will gladly present your means and influence to lift a friend out of distress and indebtedness . If you think of yourself as an actor, you will have to work to make a living, but your business will be well taken care of . If you dream that you are in a love relationship with an actress, your tendency and your talent will be aligned with pleasure and set against pure toil . If you see a dead actor, or a dead actress, your good fortune will plunge into rebellious and violent misery . And if you see them hanging around and broke, this means that your affairs will undergo a change from promise to threats of failure . For those who enjoy the luxury of a family, this is a warning of revolution and false faith . If a girl dreams that she is engaged to an actor, or about to marry an actor, this means that her tendencies will cause her to regret after the pleasure magic has faded . If a man dreams that he is having fun with an actress, then this foretells that private quarrels with his wife or girlfriend will bring him more misery than pleasure .