If you dream that you are in the throes of misfortune, this indicates that you will wish continuous failures and bad prospects . If you see others in distress, then this foretells of a bleak environment, and that the illness of one of them will lead to grave fears for the successful course of plans . ~ The ancient dream books consider this an indication of a prosperity that has come, but this definition is incorrect . There are two forces at work in man, one within him and the other from outside . They are from two distinct worlds : the animal mind influenced by the personal world of bodily desires, and the spiritual mind from the cosmic realm of brotherhood.~ . they provide the motives of anti – conscious dream . If Tnasagt these two forces will find the spirit or intellectual image from the mind of a dream achievement in the dreamer ‘s life . the sensations of the body good cause spirit excruciating pain while enriching the body selfish leads to rob the ability of the influence of the spirit of self . often The trials of tribulation cause the soul to rejoice and the body’s mourning . If the sad soul remains on the dream’s mind, this may indicate a worldly progress for the dreamer, but the theory of magical powers does not contribute to the contents of this book .