Adam, peace be upon him

Adam, peace be upon him, who saw in a dream and had sinned, will repent from it . Perhaps his vision indicated the father or the Sultan . And whoever sees that he kills Adam, peace be upon him, he is betraying the Sultan, or disobeying his parents, or his teacher . And whoever sees Adam, peace be upon him, on a specific body, he will attain a mandate if he is fit for it, and if he sees that he has spoken of him, he will be informed . And it was said : He who saw blood, peace be upon him, was deceived by the words of some of his enemies, then God Almighty returned to him after a while . And whoever became Adam, peace be upon him, or his companion, if he was qualified for the presidency, he would receive it, and if he was a scholar, people benefited from his knowledge . Or he won a flag that no one else could match .Perhaps the vision of Adam, peace be upon him, indicated the pilgrimage and the meeting of loved ones, or the large number of children, or the intrigue and trickery, and the cohabitation of someone who makes poisons, or makes a living from evoking demons and speaking on their tongues . Perhaps his vision indicated the rough dress or weeping, or the annoyance of the visionary in terms of food, or distant travel, or the servants and prostration of kings . And whoever sees Adam, peace be upon him, is in good condition, that will be a great good for him .